GEL BASE FOR YOUNG SKIN, balancing your microbiome

A foundation especially formulated to protect young skins. It helps to recover microbiome balance in this type of skin, which is often upset, resulting in dull, rough skin with many impurities.
It acts as a defensive barrier against the environment:
– physically, through the formation of a protective film on the skin
– biologically, thanks to its active ingredients, ensuring a balance of the skin’s microbiome
This way, through proper maintenance of the skin flora, it safeguards the skin’s hydration, nutrition and strength.

Adolescent skin, young skin.

Apply it as a daily foundation, preferably in the morning by lightly massaging it onto the face, neck and décolletage until it has been completely absorbed.

Active ingredients
Alpha-glucao-oligosaccharides: prebiotics that improve the skin’s complexion and strengthen its defences by activating “defensins”, proteins that boost skin immunity. They help to maintain skin ecology (ecoflora) and ensure the balance of the skin, boosting its brightness and comfort. They also reduce the symptoms of skin reactivity.

Rhamnose complex: (polysaccharides or sugar) a moisturising, filmogenic agent that creates a protective film on the skin, contributing to its smoothness and protection.  A “Teflon™” like coating on the skin that inhibits the adhesion of undesirable bacteria on its surface.  Rich in rhamnose, a sugar that is involved in cellular communication, it confers the ability to modulate the skin’s inflammatory response to external aggressors.

Derived from burdock root: this acts as a skin flora balancing agent, while also ensuring it remains complete and diverse. It helps to strengthen skin cohesion and resistance, boosting the skin’s barrier function and tolerance against stress. It has a smoothing, hydrating effect leading to long-lasting comfort.

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