Product formulation

Creation and development of innovative products based on new components and/or new textures. Improvements to or reformulations of existing products.

Marketing proposals

Our experience and market knowledge allow us to offer suggestions and back-up to ensure the success of a product, from a technical and commercial perspective.

Legal advice

Dealing with documentation. Advice on current legislation with regard to both product composition and presentation formats.

Technical advice

Technical support from the creation of the product through to the end of its commercial life.

Design & management packaging

Design of the packaging in collaboration with the client, and advice on selecting its components. Management and purchasing based on our wide knowledge of packaging products on the market.


Manufacture of all kinds of cosmetic products in a wide range of textures. Flexibility in the size of manufactured batches.


Packaging in all kinds of formats and full capacity ranges.

Quality control

Exhaustive controls from the purchase of materials through to the delivery of the end product.


Certificates & Partnerships