It is an ingenious deodorant, either for its cosmetic base or its containing active ingredients.

Its base is presented in a bigel, a different galenic form, consisting in oily gel and water gel with the need of neither tensioactives nor emulsifiers. The lack of tensioactives prevents sensitive skins from irritating problems. It respects, therefore, the physiological balance of the skin and makes it an appropriate daily use product.

As well as being alcohol free, it includes parabens free preservatives. Moreover, it has a triclosan free and aluminium salt free antibacterial system, which is a real step forward, due to the drawbacks caused by these ingredients.


For all kind of skins, specially for those with irritating problems. 

Directions for use:

Once daily application, with soft massage until total absorption.


Ester alpha hydroxy acid: Natural enzymatic deodorant agent (sweat decompositions smell inhibitor), with moisturising, emollient and skin protective properties. It has a long-lasting effect: 24 hours.

Glycerine derivatives: They prevent from proliferation of microorganisms responsible of sweat decomposition without damaging the resident flora of the skin. With softening properties, they cause a dermopurifying effect on the skin and have a great affinity with it.

Carbohydrates: Moisture regulators, they increase water retention of the skin. They assure cutaneous comfort.

Glycol derivative: moisturising agent with dermopurifying and sanitising effects.


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