This new emulsion brings the right elements to maintain the skin in optimal conditions of lubrication, emollience and wellbeing. It helps recovering and maintaining natural moisturising factor. It gently nourishes the skin ensuring its supple and softness. As well as being moisturising and anti-ageing, it also has the action of Euglena gracilis. It is a microcellular pseudo-seaweed, night source of phosphoinositoles, it stimulates the mobilisation and synthesis of essential elements for skin metabolism. It ensures, therefore, a correct regeneration. Consequently, natural repairing effects during the sleeping are added in synergy to the main action of this active.


Night treatment for dehydrated and fatigued skins.

Directions for use:

Night application by soft massage on face and neck, insisting in the most dehydrated parts. Recommended after skin cleansing and tonifying

Active Ingredients:

Matifying agent:

Active with microporous structure that absorbs oily secretion excess of the skin. It gives a soft and silky texture. Therefore, it provides a smooth and matt finishing, without blocking cutaneous breathing. It is also anti-wrinkle.

Chamomilla extract:

It is emollient and skin recovering. It softens the skin and prevents from adverse skin reactions. It contributes to maintain and recover the natural physiological skin balance.

Green tea extract:

It has protective and anti-oxidant properties that block free-radicals action, which causes premature ageing of skin. It is also dermopurifying and astringent.

Sodium Hyaluronate:

Soluble sodium hyalouronate that forms a protective film that helps the preservation moisture and elasticity. It empowers barrier function, which contributes to preserve young skin.

Shea butter:

It has nourishing, emollient and protective properties for delicate skins. It contains a large amount of lipids that form a natural protective layer on the skin. It provides elasticity and softens the skin. It has also a natural sun filter and helps redness

Chronobiological cell activator:

Biotechnological extract of Euglena gracilis. It stimulates cellular metabolism by the night synthesis of IP3 (inositol trifosfato), increasing skin firmness and tone as well as eliminating fatigue signs.

Jojoba oil:

Dry touch emollient that reduces water loss and improves skin supple and softness.


Oily active that make cutaneous surface more supple without leaving oily touch. It softens and lubricates the skin, improving its supple. It is nourishing and repairing and improves natural cutaneous barrier functions.

Vitamin A, C and E:

Liberation system that empowers natural regeneration of epithelial cells thank to the glycospheres association of A, C and E vitamins. It improves water retention capacity of epicutaneous mantle. It minimises existing wrinkles and reduces fatigue signs and spots by renovating and evening out cutaneous relief. It also recovers cutaneous tissue harms such as loss of elasticity and functionality.


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