Protective cream, formulated as a daily base to protect the skin against blue or visible light, both artificial, which comes from all kinds of electronic devices used on a daily basis (mobile phones, computer screens, tablets, LED-type lighting, etc.), and solar, where it plays a role in the body’s hormone regulation and sleep rhythms.
The blue light, being even less penetrating than ultraviolet, is responsible for so-called digital ageing that manifests as wrinkles, sagging, spots or congestion.
The so-called 360° protection refers to the defensive coverage of the different types of radiation we are exposed to (ultraviolet, infrared and blue or visible). Therefore, it is a comprehensive protection product to ensure healthy skin that is resistant to the damaging effects of the environment.

All skin types, especially over the age of 35.

Apply it as a daily base, preferably in the morning, by lightly massaging it onto the face, neck and décolletage until it has been completely absorbed.

Active ingredients
Arabian cotton stem cells: global or broad-spectrum natural protection against sunlight (ultraviolet, visible and infrared).  It minimises its harmful effects on the skin, particularly photoaging.  It reinforces the viability of skin cells that are subjected to sun damage. It is multifunctional: photoprotector, antioxidant, soothing, decongestant and reparative.
Squalane: increases the suppleness of the skin without leaving a greasy feeling. It is an emollient, lubricant and moisturiser. With beneficial effects on the skin’s integrity and barrier function.
Glycerine: moisturising substance that forms a protective layer on the skin, enhancing its smoothness.
Betaine derivative: moisturising agent that restores dry skin, both immediately and in the long term. It controls the water balance of skin cells, reinforcing its protection against external aggressors. It also increases skin elasticity and integrity.

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