Instant effect lip treatment, conceived to preserve and enhance the shape without resorting to the painful and costly alternative that is surgery. By the use of hyaluronic filling spheres and a peptide antiwrinkle, it plumps lip surface and minimises lip wrinkles caused by facial gesticulation, ageing, environment aggressions and loss of firmness.

By the use of a lipidic base it forms a protective layer on lips, preventing from dehydration. Furthermore, it includes physical plumping powder that smoothes relief and ensures a smooth and homogeneous finish. A water-proof agent ensures longer contact of the product with lips.

Active ingredients:
Hyaluronic filling spheres
: Spheres swell and exert pressure in the direction of the surface, resulting a smoothing effect on skin relief. It also provides volume to the superficial layers of the epidermis.
Peptide antiwrinkles: A collagen booster, it irons out wrinkles, plumps and contours lips as well as repairing and replenishing.
Emollient agent: Oily ingredient which provides an easy extension of the product on the skin, ensuring a correct application as well as softening the skin.
Humectant agent: Moisturising and softening active that prevents from corneous layer drying. It is emollient and protective, giving softness to the epidermis.
Menthol: Dermopurifying effect. It produces a cold feeling when applied on skin. It is also refreshing and tonic.
Polymetilmetacrilate: Synthetic polymer that brings an extremely soft touch, living a smooth and matt finish on skin.
Water-proof agent: It forms a film that helps the preservation of moisture on the skin. With emollient properties and great dispersion capacity, it assures protection and strengthens natural mechanisms of defence.

All kind of skins

Directions for use:
Apply on lip tissue ensuring a correct extension of the product.


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