Light serum specially formulated as a specific treatment to prevent those ageing signs in connection with the loss of proteins responsible of skin’s elasticity.

Collagen is a key protein responsible of keeping the protective structure of the skin. Different types of collagen of different structure and functionality work synergistically to keep the skin in good conditions, having a direct influence on firmness, resistance and pleasant aspect.

Total collagen is a new concept of product. With a mixture of peptides, it stimulates different kind of collagen included in the skin. As a result, biomechanical properties of the skin are quickly improved, as well as reducing deep wrinkles and fine lines and increasing epidermis firmness.


All kind of skins.


Once or twice daily application in soft massage until total apsorption. It can be used as foundation before makeup application.

Active ingredients:

Anti-ageing peptide complex (Syn-TC®): collagen stimulator. It contributes to give an optimal activity of different types of collagen existing in the skin, ensuring its stability, balance and homogeneity.  It reduces all kind of wrinkles and ensures a firmer skin, resistant and elastic. Skin is smoother with a softer touch and improved overall young looking appearance.

Caesalpinia spinosa extract (Hydromanil®): Innovative natural moisturizer, which captures and retains water and assimilates it into the skin, immediately and long lastingly, due to a technologically advanced multicapillary injection process.

Glycerine: Humectant agent it has moisturizing and emollient properties, softening the skin and forming a protective film.

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