Sun gel that incorporates sun filters providing high protection against UVB and UVA radiation in a light, evanescent gel texture. Spreads easily over the surface of the skin with a discreet and effective film-forming effect that makes the skin more resistant to the harmful effects of sun exposure. The skin feels comfortable and moisturised while ensuring effective protection.
Includes oak vegetable extract with antioxidant properties, giving the product an additional preventive property against premature ageing caused by sun exposure.

All skin types

Apply generously to the skin (face or body), gently massaging until completely absorbed. Apply most generously to the more vulnerable areas of the body (neckline, chest, shoulders, etc.). Repeat application regularly during sun exposure and after bathing.

Active ingredients:
Sun filters: substances whose function is to prevent or diminish the harmful effects of sun radiation (erythema, wrinkles, dryness, spots, etc.) or to help the tanning process take place without causing harm to the skin. Prevent photo-ageing.

Oak extract: rich in polyphenols, it protects cutaneous tissue against oxidative stress and the consequent premature ageing arising from sun radiation. Minimises redness. Helps keep skin moisturised and soft.

Moisturising agent: moisturising ingredient that prevents desiccation of the corneal layer of the skin. It is an emollient that protects and helps preserve the softness of the epidermis.

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