Oily solution composed by a unique mixture of vegetal oils, highly lubricating and extremely easy to extend. The mixture is specially made for the skincare, improvement of aspect, cutaneous relief, stretch marks, wrinkles and spots reduction. It is also effective to prevent from dehydration and flaccidity.

Its light texture helps the massage application, enhancing the efficacy of the treatment. It softens the treated area and promotes its recovering, leaving the skin soft and comfortable.


All kind of skins. For face, body and also hair.


Extend on the area to be treated in soft massage until total absorption.

Active ingredients:

Avocado Oil

: Over fatting agent with great power of penetration. It is emollient, protective, softening and moisturizing. It prevents against scaling and skin tightness. It promotes skin cell renewal and improves its elastic properties.

Soy oil: it has exceptional properties such as nourishing, protective, softening, moisturising and restoring.

Rose hip oil: It is a rich source of essential fatty acids. With cutaneous tissue renovation properties, it improves the skin aspect and delays first ageing signs. It reduces wrinkles and expression lines and contributes to the recovering of elasticity, preventing from dehydration.

Argan oil: containing more than 80% of fatty acids, it also contains a high concentration of tocopherol. With nourishing and antioxidant properties, it prevents from skin ageing and skin renovation. It softens the epidermis and reduces its dryness, preventing from cracks.

Macadamia oil: it stands out because it includes palmitoleic acid, which contributes to keeping cutaneous functionality. It has the capacity to protect, nourish, soften, and skin condition, as well as being antioxidant.

Olive oil: it has emollient, softening and lubricating properties. It acts as protective and antiwrinkle. It improves firmness of cutaneous tissue and prevents from dehydration.

Vitamin E: Antioxidant vitamin. It protects cells from the harmful effects of free radicals, which cause premature ageing. It also has a moisturising action and recovers skin elasticity. It empowers natural defence of the skin. It helps the recovering of skin natural moisturising factor.

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