Second skin

Light base for everyday use, film-forming and smoothing, with a repairing, sensory effect, in line with the latest trend in beauty booster products.

Its formulation is based on an innovative technology which weaves a network of natural biopolymers without any type of chemical agent, providing the skin surface with a “second skin” which also allows it to breathe. It therefore forms a supplementary barrier which protects it from all types of aggressions, including mechanical. (Prevents particles from pollution and/or irritant agents from attaching themselves). A true immediate beauty factor, noticeable from the very first application: tightens the skin, reduces wrinkles and decreases pore size in just a few minutes. It also ensures make-up is more durable.

Its action is rounded off with two active oxygenation and skin repair actives, ensuring a global protector/anti-ageing effect for flawless skin.



Apply on perfectly clean skin as a daily foundation and/or before applying make-up to the face, neck and neckline, until it is fully absorbed.



All skin types, especially mature skin.


Active ingredients

Algae extract complex & Tara fruit extract: unique technology ingredient based on a natural biopolymer which acts as a second skin. Protects the skin from harmful exogenous agents. Immediate tensor action with softening and anti-wrinkle effect. Restores the skin’s radiance. With softening, smoothing effect. Clearly perceivable.

Golden algae extract: for comprehensive daily skincare. Forms a barrier to prevent skin degradation due to the passage of time and solar aggression. With a natural repairer. It also has a moisturising, decongestant action.

Oxygenating agent: active skin cell protector. With a powerful antioxidant effect, it is specially designed to capture the free radicals and the main reactive species that can cause a wide range of harmful effects, such as DNA deterioration, protein alteration, oxidation of cutaneous lipids or inactivation of enzymes, leading to early ageing of the skin. Forms an active bubble which purifies your cells.

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