With exfoliating particles, this waxy gel helps the elimination of death cells and impurities of the lip surface and contour. It contributes to reduce wrinkles, expression marks and “bar codes”, as well as enhancing the efficiency of later treatments. It guarantees the correct breathing and hydration of this delicate area, ensuring a fleshy and soft aspect.

Apply a small quantity on the lip and contour by using fingertip under massage for some minutes. Finally, clean it using cotton wood pads.

Active ingredients:
Emolient agents: Softening and moisturising agents which prevents from cutaneous dehydration and tightness. They improve either cellular renovation or the elastic properties of lip epithelium.
Polyethylene: exfoliating particles used for a deep cleansing of the skin. They ensure the elimination of cutaneous impurities and correct epidermis renovation. It enhances the efficiency of later treatments.

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