Creamy emulsion using a foundation that promotes the penetration with a fusion effect with the skin. It includes a selection of active ingredients aimed to prevent premature ageing. It revitalises the vital functions of cutaneous cells, which stimulates natural defence mechanisms. It also has a powerful action of capturing free radicals and other reactive species, responsible of several skin disorders and damages caused by ageing and external aggressions.
It ensures a purifying effect as well as a fresher and luminous effect.

For all kind of skins, especially those with ageing signs, fragility and reactivity.

Extend on face and neck, once or twice a day, on soft massage until total absorption.

Active ingredients:
Lipochroman®: Powerful antioxidant and cell protector. It is a potent inhibitor of peroxynitrite-induced lipid peroxidation; an effective RNS (Reactive Nitrogen Species) and ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) scavenger for the most complete protection against free radicals. It protects cells from several damages such as structural alteration of proteins, inhibition of enzymatic activity and interferences of the regulatory cellular function.
Hydrolysed of soy proteins: excellent source of vegetal proteins rich in peptides, amino acids and mineral salt. Each component contributes, in a synergistic way, to the revival of the vital cellular processes. At short term it promotes the cells oxygen consume. At long term, it stimulates cell renovation, which improves skin rejuvenation and luminosity.
Glycerine: Humectant agent. It has moisturizing and emollient properties, softening the skin and forming a protective film.
Shea butter: It has nourishing, emollient and protective properties for delicate skins. It contains a large amount of lipids that form a natural protective layer on the skin. It provides elasticity and softens the skin. It has also a natural sun filter and helps redness prevention.
Butyleneglycol: Moisturising and softening active that prevents from corneous layer drying. It is emollient and protective, giving softness to the epidermis.
Matifying agent: Active with microporous structure that absorbs oily secretion excess of the skin. It gives a soft and silky texture. Therefore, it provides a smooth and matt finishing, without blocking cutaneous breathing. It is also anti-wrinkle.

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