Light foam, with a low concentration of surfactants, for a quick and occasional cleansing action, in the absence of water.
It is a simple and effective system for the hygiene of any part of the body surface (hands, feet, knees, armpits, external intimate area, etc.).
It can replace traditional cleaning agents (water, soap, surfactant gels…) when they are not available for sports practice, transport, work or travel.
It complements its basic cleansing formula with an active ingredient that contributes to a calming, moisturizing and protective effect, reinforcing the barrier function, providing a fine and smooth finish. It has no drying effect on the skin.
It allows to avoid the use of wipes, with a complementary claim of residue reduction.

Active ingredients
Surfactant agents at low-concentration for proper skin cleansing without rinsing.
Biosaccharide gum: obtained from fructose (fruit sugar), it is a skin calming and moisturizing agent with a conditioning effect. It forms a protective and softening film on the skin.

Apply a small amount of foam on the area to be cleansed. Rub in for a few seconds and allow to dry. If the body surface to be cleaned is very dirty, it is recommended to apply with toilet paper to improve its effectiveness by a complementary dragging effect.

All skin types. Available in a children’s version for cleaning the external intimate area of children.

Three main formats are suggested:
– In bottle with dispenser.
– In an “airplane format” bottle.
– In a wall dispenser.

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