Cream-butter formulated using green standards, it is based in phospholipids, essential ingredients of the cellular membranes of living organisms. With a great affinity with stratum corneum, they form a protective barrier that contributes to its restructuring and repairing, preserving its integrity and strength as well as keeping a right hydration.
It is melted quickly and in a single movement, with a great sliding effect and elegant finishing. It remains on the skin without being oily.

All kind of skins, especially from 35 years old. Great for most dried areas such as heel or elbows.

Several times daily application until obtaining a total absorption.

Active ingredients:
Sunflower Phospholipides: they have a great compatibility with the skin, forming a protective layer on the skin in order to guarantee a correct hydration and protection. It has a unique touch, soft and light. They assure an extremely soft and comfortable cosmetic finishing.

Shea butter: It has nourishing, emollient and protective properties for delicate skin. It contains a large amount of lipids that forms a natural protective layer on the skin. It provides elasticity and softens the skin. It has also a natural sun filter and helps the prevention of sun erythemas.

Glycerin: Humectant agent. It has moisturizing and emollient properties, softening the skin and forming a protective film.

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