Moisturising body milk and progressive skin tanning without sun. With the use of an artificial tanning agent, DHA, and a regular application of the product, epidermis gains a gradual tan without excluding moisturising and nourishing daily care. Hence, one single product improves skin colour, aspect as well as keeping its balance, softness and flexibility.

Available in two versions: for light and dark skins.

Active ingredients:
DHA: Self tanning agent that, in contact with cutaneous proteins, reacts by darkening the skin without activating normal tanning mechanism. By reacting, not with melanin but with the most external layer of the skin, allergenic reactions are avoided.
Erythrulose: In combination with DHA, this natural sugar ensures an even and dark self tan. Additionally, it improves product efficacy and leaves the skin less dry.
Stabilising glycol: DHA stabiliser. It avoids unwanted yellow skin coloration.
Ester alpha hydroxy acid: Natural agent with moisturising, emollient and skin protective properties.

Bisabolol: Calming and softening active, that minimises skin reactivity as well as redness. It recovers skin as well as improving its comfort.
Glycerin: It has moisturizing and emollient properties and exerts a very favourable action to the skin, softening it and forming a protective film.
All kind of skins, including delicate ones, with sun intolerance.

Directions for use:
Depending on the tan level wanted, from once daily application to once every two or three days. Extend the product on body surface and ensure a correct distribution specially on elbows, knees and heels. After application hands should be washed to avoid unwanted spots in hands.


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