In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the use of hydro-alcoholic products to complement hand washing with soap, has been incorporated as a safety routine to reinforce correct manual hygiene.
Based on their composition, these products usually present a high alcoholic, powerful drying and dragging effect of the natural hydro-lipidic layer by rubbing in its application and, with time, that can affect the characteristics of hydration and protection of the skin.
Laboratorios Magriña offers an alternative of sanitizing products that go beyond the reinforcement of hygiene, with ingredients of a moisturizing, emollient and protective nature, to minimize the side effects of their continued use on the skin.

It is a refreshing and dermopurifying gel or spray, with a high alcohol content, on which it bases its action. Specially formulated as a complement to the cleansing action of hand soap.
It is an effective, quick and simple system to ensure an optimum degree of hygiene after regular washing. With a dermoprotective effect, its regular use prevents contamination by hand. Its marked astringent effect, ensures the closure of skin pores.
It can replace traditional cleansing agents (water, soap, surfactant gels…) when they are not available.
It complements its basic formula with ingredients of an emollient, relipidising and moisturising nature that reinforce the barrier function and compensate the drying effect on the epidermis due to the alcohol. It provides a fine and smooth finish.

Active ingredients
Ethyl alcohol: refreshing, dermopurifying and degreasing agent.
Agent that enhances the sanitizing effect of alcohol, which is biodegradable and antioxidant. It reinforces the protective character of the product.
Aloe Veragel: moisturizes and refreshes, calms and softens the skin, improving its degree of well-being.
Hyaluronic acid: filmogenic active for the reinforcement of the protective barrier of the skin against the environment and in the maintenance of optimal levels of skin hydration.
Glycerin: a moisturizing substance that forms a protective film on the skin, exerting a softening action on it.

Apply a small amount on the hands, whenever needed. Rub in for a few seconds and allow to dry. If hands are very dirty, it is recommended to apply with paper or wipe to improve its effectiveness due to a complementary effect of dragging.

Complement to regular and repetitive hand cleansing with conventional soaps in situations of risk of contagion by contact (Covid-19).
Daily and preventive skin hygiene. Occupational hygiene. Personal hygiene in collective spaces (schools, gyms…). Especially useful when conventional cleansing agents are not available (travel, leisure…).
It is particularly suitable for professional medical practices and beauty centres, where it emphasises the provision of a service with adequate hygiene guarantees.
Also useful at home as a hand degreaser and to facilitate the elimination of undesirable food odours (fish, onions…) .
Its comfort effect on the skin, and its hygienic and astringent properties make it also suitable after depilation.

Three main formats are suggested:
In bottle with dispenser.
In bottle or spray flask.
In wall-mounted dispenser.

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