It is specially formulated as a complement of previous hand cleansing with soap. It can replace traditional cleansing products such as water and soap when they are not available.
A fresh and dermopurifying gel, it focuses its action with a high concentration of alcohol. It has an astringent effect to ensure pore closing and prevents from hand contamination. It also includes emollient and moisturising agents to improve the drying effect of the alcohol. It has a soft finishing along with a slightly lemon smell.
Active ingredients:
Ethyl alcohol: Refreshing agent, dermopurifying and grease cleaner.
Dermopurifying agent: Cleansing agent that ensures a deep cleansing of the skin. It prevents from certain bacteria on skin surface.
Pantenol: Skin recovering agent that contributes to the skin’s natural barrier reconstruction. It has a good cutaneous absorption, contributing to the skin hydration and humectation.
Aloe Vera gel: A dermoprotector and dermopurifying agent, it prevents from dehydration and tightness of the skin and brings a soft effect.
Use a small amount on hands as many times as needed. Rub well for some seconds and let it dry. Do not rinse.
Directions for use:
Daily hygiene at home or work. Specially useful when conventional cleansing agents are not available.

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