Soap-free aqueous gel-cream scrub, which is composed of highly concentrated glycerin and a 100% vegetable emulsifier with moisturising activity. It provides deep cleaning by removing all dead, flaking skin and effectively eliminating any impurities remaining on the skin’s surface (sweat, pollution, dead cells, etc.). It helps to minimise pores and unifies skin texture and tone. It leaves the skin smooth and soft and in optimal shape to receive subsequent treatments, which become more effective due to better absorption. It allows the skin to fully breathe, improving its colour and vitality. 


Apply once or twice per week on the face, neck and neckline after make-up removal or skin cleansing by gently massaging the skin with circular movements. Pay special attention to the most prone areas (forehead, nostrils and chin), avoiding the eye area. Rinse thoroughly. A fine emulsion that is easily removed will form.


All skin types

Active ingredients

Polylactic acid: “green” starch-based exfoliating agent with a mechanical action that removes skin impurities for deep skin cleansing. It therefore helps the skin to breathe and encourages the proper renewal of the epidermis.
Lactic acid emollient: high extensibility; it is a softening and lubricating agent.
Glycerin: moisturising substance that forms a protective film over the skin, with a smoothing action.

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