Depigmenting emulsion with liquid crystal structures, it includes a unique combination of active ingredients on an elegant touch base. It contributes to normalise pigmenting disorders as well as keeping a hydrated and nourished skin.
A new cosmetic concept based on slowing down the process of cellular division as some plants do in winter, it produces reserves of protective substances to keep the cellular structure, as well as hydration and nourishing. This process increases the longevity of cutaneous cells and ensures a slow and uniting process of cell renovation.
For all kind of skins, with cutaneous spots caused by ageing or severe sun exposition.

Apply at night son face or specific areas with spots, under soft massage until total absorption. It can be used as day base complemented with a sun protector. To ensure its efficiency, it is key to keep the application regularly.

Active ingredients:
Narcissus bulbs extract: Natural extract from narcissus bulbs in their dormant stage that is able to slow cell proliferation in a reversible and general manner. It slows down skin aging as a result of slowing down cell proliferation thereby preserving youth cell capital and improving skin appearance and maturation.
Acid ascorbic derivative: soluble form of vitamin C, very stable and with easy absorption. It presents a powerful capacity of melanogenesis inhibition, providing a lightening effect and whitening cutaneous spots. It improves the colour and skin luminosity. With its antioxidant properties it stimulates collagen production and helps skin elasticity.
Arbutin: Depigmenting agent which restrains the melanogenesis through the cells poisoning reaction on melanin cells, and the blocking mechanism on tyrosinase. It can diminish the senile yellowish brown plaque, also effective for lentigines diminishing. It can evidently diminish the pigmentation caused by ultra-violet radiation and can improve the metabolism of sunburn skin caused by radiation.

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