New concept of deodorant in a highly fluid emulsion form (which can be presented in either a spray or a roll-on) that combines an effective deodorant action with respect for the biological ecosystem of the armpit.
It bases its action on the presence of an innovative ingredient that manifests, on the one hand, a biological action of making difficult bacterial communication and its corresponding formation of undesirable films (involved in the generation of the bad smell), and on the other hand, a prebiotic action that modifies the metabolism of the microbiota in the area, turning lipids into polysaccharides and thus avoiding the production of olfactory unpleasant molecules.
In line with the cosmetic trends of simplicity, Clean Beauty and naturalness, it is a different, original and highly skin-friendly way of avoiding the decomposition of sweat.

All skin types.

Apply daily to the armpit, massaging gently until completely absorbed.

Active Ingredients
Deobiome noni®: prebiotic cocktail, based on sugars, which modifies the metabolism of the commensal microbiota of the skin, transforming lipids into polysaccharides, and thus avoiding the production of malodorous molecules.
Sunflower oil: emollient, lubricant and anti-dehydrating. Makes it easier to spread the product on the armpit.
Glycerin: moisturizing substance that forms a protective film on the skin, contributing to its hydration and softness.

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