A light and fast absorbing creamgel, specially formulated for the care and treatment of oily and/or skins with impurities. It acts as a base for normalizing and absorbing the sebum excess characteristic of this type of skin. Exerts a dermopurifying action, preventing the bacterial ploriferation and contributing to the maintenance of the skin flora and NMF (natural moisturising factor). It minimises the characteristic congestion of this kinds of skins.

It is skin friendly and "preservative-free", it remains on the skin without leaving a greasy feeling and leaves to the epidermis an effect of wellbeing and comfort.

Oily and/or skins with impurities. For all skin types if applied only on affected area.


Apply on area to be treated in gentle massage until complete absorption.

Active Ingredients:
Colloidal microsilver: nanoactive with very porous structure, highly effective and exerts a decongestant dermopurifying simultaneously. Neutralizes harmful effects of microorganisms on the skin and provides a refreshing and soothing effect.

Glycerin: Humectant agent. It has moisturizing and emollient properties, softening the skin and forming a protective film.

Butyleneglycol: Moisturising and softening active that prevents from corneous layer drying. It is emollient and protective, giving softness to the epidermis.

Gum bio-saccharides: With a biotechnological origin, they are moisture regulators that increase water retention of the skin. They reduce expression lines and wrinkles. They recover skin from external aggressions.

Mattifying agent: Active with microporous structure that absorbs skin's oily secretion excess. It gives a soft and silky texture. Therefore, it provides a smooth and matt finishing, without blocking cutaneous breathing. It is also anti-wrinkle.

Decongestive Complex (panthenol-orange): Bioactive complex modulator of skin reactivity and soothing agent. It reduces the skin congestion. Reduces redness and softens the skin quickly and effectively. It also prevents from the loss of transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and has a restorative effect on the skin barrier.

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