A light, emollient base cream specially formulated for instant, long-lasting intense skin hydration, with a unique versatility that makes it suitable for all skin types and climates. It includes a flexible, multi-purpose, environmentally friendly emulsifier designed to meet the needs of all types of consumers.
The product’s ability to “auto-adjust” to the environment means that in different climates and during different seasons, whether cold and dry or hot and humid, the product adjusts to the skin’s needs and always gives a smooth, comfortable, resilient texture.
It features dermatological vitamins carefully selected to invigorate the skin and improve its appearance.
The emulsion is absorbed by the epidermis to form a thin, light layer that protects the skin from seasonal weather variations and keeps it protected, hydrated and healthy.

How to Use
Gently massage the product over the face, neck and upper chest until completely absorbed.

For all skin types, especially those most exposed to harmful agents such as the sun, cold, wind and air conditioning.

Active ingredients
Shea butter: Natural extract with emollient and protective properties. Fights dryness, smooths the skin and relieves redness.
Vitamin E: Antioxidant and anti-free-radical activity. Reduces wrinkles and dryness. With a protective effect that preserves the skin’s elastic fibres. Reinforces natural defence mechanisms. Constitutes an important factor in preventing symptoms of premature ageing. Possesses moisturising properties. Reduces the duration and intensity of certain skin reactions.
Panthenol: A skin-rebuilding agent that helps restore skin’s natural barrier. Highly emollient, it also promotes the hydration and moisturising of the epidermis.
Nicotinamide: A form of vitamin B3 that acts as an antioxidant in many chemical reactions in the body. Helps even skin tone, fights taut and rough skin, and boosts skin resilience. Its reparative–restorative action reduces skin redness and discomfort.
Allantoin: Fosters cell renewal, especially in skin that has suffered damage by external agents (sun, cold, wind, etc.)
Glycerin: Moisturising substance with a smoothing effect that forms a protective layer on the epidermis.
Biosaccharide gum: Forms a protective layer that keeps skin from drying out, with both immediate and long-term effects. Leaves skin smoother and healthier.

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