Creamy emulsion with aluminium oxide micro-crystals, a well known ingredient in dermatology, in the field of dermabrasion. It easily sands out the skin and allows to rejuvenate its aspect quickly and effectively, without the need to attend a professional.

Complemented by an enzymatic exfoliation, it enhances the elimination of accumulated death cells and impurities. It improves, therefore, the natural process of cutaneous renovation as well as attenuating dark spots and wrinkles. The skin quickly recovers its luminosity and smoothness.
Additionally it includes a protective agent to minimise the aggression of the skin.

All kind of skins. In order to avoid unpleasant reactions, those with sensitive skin should consider carefully its normal use.

Directions for use:
Apply it for 1 or 2 minutes, by using a sponge, on clean and slightly wet skin, under soft massage on forehead, cheek, nose and chin. It is advisable the use of a facial massager machine. Rinse it with warm water ensuring the complete elimination of crystals. Try to avoid the contact with eye contour. In case of contact, rinse it with plenty of water. Do not apply on reactive, fragile skins or those with redness. Stop immediately in case of skin reaction.
Shock treatment: alternate days the first two weeks.
Maintenance treatment: once or twice a week.

Active ingredients:
Aluminium oxide micro-crystals: Small exfoliating particles which ensure an effective elimination of death cells of the skin.
Cactus extract: Rich in oligosaccharides from nopal. It improves the corneocytes exfoliation as it works to those enzymes involved in the lysis of adhesion proteins. It improves skin luminosity and attenuates wrinkles and expression marks.
It improves natural mechanisms of skin renovation. It contributes to the recovering against external aggressions. It is emollient and softening.


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