A fluid and light creamgel, it is a complete eye contour treatment. Formulated with a natural emulsifier (first ecocert admitted) of phospholipids, it gives an exceptional texture, with great extensibility in application, light touch and long permanence on skin. Its great affinity with skin as well as film formation, it prevents from dryness and keeps the right moisture. It smoothes expression marks and wrinkles.


All kind of skins.


Once or twice daily application in soft and circular massage on eye contour until total absorption.

Active ingredients:

Olive oil derivative: Lipidic complex, rich in fatty acids, with a great emollient power, facilitating the extension on skin, bringing to it a soft and silky touch. Similar to human fat, it easily penetrates to epidermis, improving its general aspect.

Shea butter: It has nourishing, emollient and protective properties for delicate skins. It contains a large amount of lipids that form a natural protective layer on the skin. It provides elasticity and softens the skin. It has also a natural sun filter and helps redness prevention.

Biosacharides gum: A film forming and softener, it prevents from water loss.

Caffeine derivative: mixture of organic silicon and caffeine. It is moisturising and antiageing by increasing cellular membrane’s strength. It is decongestive and reduces water accumulation.

Alfalfa extract: antiageing active with repairing properties. It is a dynamiser agent of skins without vitality as it helps collagen synthesis and prevent from those enzymes which cause degradation.

Lupin extract: As a result of its richness in oligosaccharides and glutaminated peptides, it improves the synthesis of structural proteins and epidermal lipids. It favours the keratinization process and maintains the integrity of the Stratum Corneum. By reinforcing the natural restructuring systems of the epidermis, it preserves or regenera

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