CC Cream

Coloured emulsion conceived under the concept “Complete Correction”, sometimes also fund as “Colour Control”, as for the effect of almost unnoticeable makeup. It is presented as an evolution of BB cream (Blemish Balm), with a lighter texture and having the same actions: protection and moisture of the skin as well as an immediate covering of imperfections.

Additionally it includes antiwrinkle and antiageing ingredients to complement the actions.

It has an efficient sun protection of SPF 20, unifies skin’s relief, improves the tone and ensures a homogeneous and smooth finishing. It has an excellent texture.


All kind of skins


Apply in the morning as a day foundation, under soft massage on face and neck until uniform extension.

Active ingredients:

Vitalayer®: It stands as a global antiageing active. It contributes to keep an optimal cutaneous homeostasis. It is able to stimulate and distinguish queratinocites and lipid synthesis. It stimulates cell metabolism. It promotes the skin moisture and cutaneous microrelief reduction.

Natriance Renovate®:  it contributes to the skin’s surface renovation, improving its texture, becoming more homogeneous and free of decaling and imperfections.

Orgasol®: Ultralight poder aimed to promote the soft and silky touch on the skin, with matt effect.

Humectant agent: They are glycolic substances, emollient, with hygroscopic properties and protective. They also prevent from drying the skin.

Sunscreens: substances that absorb or reflect solar radiation to avoid harmful effects on the skin.


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