Fast-absorbing cream especially designed to minimise the effects of sagging skin which occurs over time, particularly in high-risk areas such as the neck, the chin and the cheeks. Contains reaffirming agents which ensure firm skin resistant to sagging, with a flawless tone and high flexibility/elasticity, thereby guaranteeing smoother, younger-looking and more even skin with better defined facial contours.

For all skin types, especially those which show signs of premature or age-related sagging.

How to Use
Gently massage the product over the face, neck and upper chest until fully absorbed, applying one or twice daily and always working up the body.

Active Ingredients
Silicon derivative: An active ingredient that boosts the skin’s defence mechanism against external aggressors and ageing. Hydrates and promotes the skin’s integrity, improves its elasticity and helps to generate a smooth and youthful glow. Exercises a restorative role, ensuring the conservation of the skin’s natural state.
Yeast extract: Forms a cosmetic anti-ageing strategy for the fight against laxity of the skin which occurs over the years. Stimulates the synthesis of anchoring molecules (i.e. collagen IV, collagen VII, integrins and glycoproteins) to reinforce the union between the dermis and the epidermis, thus assuring skin’s integrity to guarantee overall firmness and prevent the drooping characteristic of sagging.  Also helps to improve skin’s tone and smooth out its surface. Reduces wrinkles.
Collagen: Highly resistant fibrous component that serves as a structural protein in the skin. Together with elastin, is responsible for the skin’s elasticity, tone and texture. Has a smoothing effect thanks to its film-forming capacity and improves protection against damage caused by the environment. Hydrates and softens the skin. Contributes to strengthening and standardising the morphology of the skin’s surface.
Creatine: Naturally-occurring amino acid, produced by the body less copiously with age. Plays an important role in the activation of cell energy metabolism, acting as a skin revitalising agent. Hydrates and helps the skin’s reparation and protection systems to function correctly. Favours the production of collagen and elastin.
Shea Butter: Natural extract from the shea nut with lubricating, emollient and protective properties. Fights dryness, softens the skin and promotes skin comfort.

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