Body oil with extremely light texture and dry touch. Presented for body daily care and as a real alternative to traditional body milks. With high (but hardly noticeable) emollient effect it ensures optimal moisture of the skin as well as protection and softness.
It ensures a smooth and easy extension on the skin with a single massage movement.
It includes optimal elements for keeping the skin in optimal conditions in terms of nutrition, emolience, elasticity and softness. It ensures keeping hydrolipidic layer in good conditions, improving its natural protection against external aggressions such as sun, wind and dryness. It also improves the global aspect of the skin, becoming more luminous, young and tight.

Active ingredients:
Argan oil: containing more than 80% of fatty acids, it also contains a high concentration of tocopherol.  With nourishing and antioxidant properties, it prevents from skin ageing and skin renovation. It softens the epidermis and reduces its dryness, preventing from cracks.
Jojoba oil: with similar composition to human fat, it has an emollient effect and improves skin’s elasticity. I can be easily extended on the skin, which helps the application. It also has softening and nourishing effect.
Macadamia oil: it stands out because it includes palmitoleic acid, which contributes to keeping cutaneous functionality. It has the capacity to protect, nourish, soften, and skin condition, as well as being antioxidant.
Olive oil: it has emollient, softening and lubricating properties. It acts as protective and antiwrinkle. It improves firmness of cutaneous tissue and prevents from dehydration.

Apply on skin, extending the product under soft massage until total absorption. It can be used on hair.

All kind of skins and specially for those who want an easy appliction daily body care.

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