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Creamy base. A new cosmetic product concept with an intelligent epigenetic active substance designed to reactivate the skin’s youthfulness. Its action is based on improving the mechanisms that are responsible for providing good skin quality. These mechanisms that are affected by the environment and by our lifestyle. In this way,...
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This new concept in night masks takes advantage of the skin’s receptivity when sleeping to improve its overall condition and reinforce its vitality. It allows your skin to “sleep” during the night so that you wake in the morning looking rested and refreshed. Its creamy texture, together with the right...
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Day emulsion which has been specially formulated both for daily protection against harmful agents from outdoor pollution (suspended particles, fumes, chemical agents, running water, etc.) and for the prevention of related skin disorders, such as reactivity, congestion, fragility, instability, stress, lack of comfort or, ultimately, the acceleration of premature skin...
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We remind that CLP regulation came into force from 1st June. It includes cosmetics products and new criteria for classification of hazardous substances, hazard phrase nomenclature and associated pictograms....
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