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Concentrate with a synergistic blend of different types of hyaluronic acid, for a multifunctional skin action with moisturizing, nourishing, anti-aging, protective and renewing effect, as well as improving skin texture and elasticity. The complementary effect between derivatives of the same substance magnifies the properties of this multi-purpose acid naturally present...
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Facial concentrate for a renewing and reactivating effect on skin vitality formulated with a powerful anti-aging active ingredient derived from retinoic acid, without its irritating effects, which optimizes skin functions. It is an ideal solution for slowing down aging and promoting healthy skin. It improves skin texture and thickness with...
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Tightening serum that combines an immediate anti-fatigue action (flash) with a triple biological action: it combats skin aging, has a restructuring effect on the skin and protects against environmental stress. It reduces dehydration thanks to its film-forming effect. This way, skin appears smoother, moisturized, firmer and more elastic. It also...
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Light foam, with a low concentration of surfactants, for a quick and occasional cleansing action, in the absence of water. It is a simple and effective system for the hygiene of any part of the body surface (hands, feet, knees, armpits, external intimate area, etc.). It can replace traditional cleaning...
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Repairing serum specially formulated to recover the skin from the negative effects derived from the continuous use of the mask. The poor ventilation, the accumulation of sebaceous secretion and sweat and the humid and warm environment along with the effects of physical friction, favor the appearance of cutaneous impurities, reddening...
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