ANTI CELLULITE CREAMGEL – The cosmetic alternative to surgery

Multifunctional anti cellulite treatment as it reduces volume, lightens the silhouette as well as firming and softening the skin. It includes the latest generation of actives which work on the three processes of body fat accumulation: adipogenesis (preventing formation of mature adipocytes), lipolysis (destruction of accumulated fat) and lipogenesis (preventing development of new lipid deposits). It ensures, therefore, a quick and long-lasting cellulite skin prevention, treatment and maintenance.
Representing a new biological action mechanism (Sirtuins activation), these innovative active ingredients are contained in a light cosmetic base, fresh and with easy absorption, leaving a soft and smooth skin.

Active ingredients:
Grape Vine Extract: Lipolitic agent 30 times more active than caffeine. This active molecule is capable of activating sirtuins SIRT-1, an adipogenesis mediator.
Dihydromyricetin: It is novel molecule acting on lipid metabolism and differentiation processes of adipocytes. It significantly reduces Lipogenesis (- 64%), Adipogenesis (-27%) and promotes Lipolysis (x 11,7 times) by selective inhibition of tyrosine kinase activity of the β receptor subunit and other enzymes involved in lipid metabolism pathways of adipocytes.
Slimming agent extracted from bitter orange: Draining and infiltration-reducing active ingredient, rich in methoxylated flavones and flavonones. It favors lipolysis and reduces fatty infiltration. It also facilitates draining of skin tissue. It improves skin tone.

For skins affected by cellulite in body areas such as gluteus, thigh, legs and abdomen.

Directions for use:
Twice daily application in affected area with gentle massage until total absorption.


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