Specially formulated to ensure correct lubrication and softening in reactive skin areas, where they are exposed to rubbing and/or sweat excess.
It forms an invisible talc film on epidermis which calms the skin and absorbs the excess of secretions. It has a dermopurifying effect as it dries the excess of humidity and, thus, prevents from bacteria proliferation.
Its innovative texture ensures an easy application and optimal extension, which empowers the benefits of the powder on the skin.
Furthermore, by adding emollient, moisturising and recovering active ingredients, it gains two more important benefits: recovering of comfort and physiological normality.

Extend it under massage on previously cleansed and dried skin area.

Specially indicated for reactive skins or with cutaneous discomforts such as, redness and tightness, in body parts exposed to rubbing and/or sweat excess.

Active ingredients:
: Soft mineral which brings a slight stickiness to skin and gives to it a soft and fine finishing.
Silicone: It is water repellent, emollient and lubricating. It forms a film on the skin, which acts as protector against external aggressions.
Glycerine: Humectant agent it has moisturizing and emollient properties, softening the skin and forming a protective film.
Bisabolol: Calming and softening active, it minimises skin reactivity and redness. It recovers skin as well as improving its comfort.
Palmitoil complex: A complete texturising agent, it improves the tactile characteristics of cosmetic products. The powdery effect can be increased, leaving a longer lasting sensation of softness on the skin.
Boerhavia extract: Indian origin plant, it both limits the activity of inflammation markers and favours the release of an anti-inflammatory neuro-mediator. Thanks to the immediate and long term calming properties, it restores the normal skin sensitivity threshold, specially on sensitive and reactive skins.
Biosaccarides: With biotechnological origin, they are moisture regulators that work by increasing skin water retention. They reduce expression lines and wrinkles. They recover skin from environment aggressions.
Alfaglucans: Obtained from natural sugars, they protect the skin natural defences by stimulating beneficial flora as detriment of undesirable flora.
Calendula extract: It has softening and emollient properties. It improves skin tone and helps epidermis vitality. It assures the maintenance of skin wellness conditions.

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