A gel with a deep, natural cleansing action that is kind to the skin, thanks to a combined dual action
– of a mechanical nature, owing to cellulose exfoliant particles in the formula
– of a proteolytic (enzymatic) nature, to eliminate dead skin cells
It has a descaling effect and is highly effective in removing the impurities retained on the epidermis (traces of make-up, sweat, pollution, etc.). It encourages cell renewal, reduces pores and gives uniformity to the skin’s texture. It leaves skin smooth and soft and in ideal condition for subsequent treatments, all while ensuring proper breathing and vitality.

Perfect for all skin types, especially the most delicate and fragile.

Apply by massaging it into slightly damp skin with finger tips. Rinse with water.

Active ingredients
Natural, biodegradable cellulose particles with an exfoliant effect that is particularly kind to the skin.
Enzymatic exfoliant, derived from Bacillus Ferment, which eliminates dead cells, helping to smooth the surface of the skin and boost cell renewal.
Jojoba oil: lubricant and moisturiser for soft, supple skin. It leaves a protective film on the skin which prevents dehydration.
Glycerine: moisturising ingredient which smooths and protects.
Shea butter: emollient, moisturiser and softener. It restores the skin’s suppleness and elasticity and reduces redness and peeling.
Sorbitol: Stabilising agent for the moisture in the skin which helps to ensure proper hydration. It also has an emollient effect, softening and smoothing the epidermis.

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