An ultra-hydrating serum that presents three action levels to obtain a highly effective moisture and softness.

In the short term, it ensures the moisture of the stratum corneum, the most external layer, due to its powerful capacity to retain moisture. In the medium term, it normalises the flaking process. And in the long term, it reinforces the cutaneous barrier.

It prevents from cutaneous discomforts such as redness or tightness. A regular application leads to a thick and comfortable skin with healthy looking.


All kind of skins, especially those above 35 years old.


Once or twice daily application, in soft massage on face, neck and bosom.

Active ingredients:

Biosaccarides: With a biotechnological origin, it is a unique ingredient for the regulation and retention of moisture in the skin for, at least, 72hours. It is a global active to ensure correct hydration.

Humectant agent: Softening and hydrating agent which prevents from drying of the stratum corneum.

Biosaccarides gum: It forms a protective film on the skin, preventing from transepidermal water loss (TWL), either in the short or long term. It brings softness and comfort, as well as preventing the penetration of potentially irritating substances. 

Creatine: Amino acid derivative naturally occurring in the body, although its presence decreases throughout the years. It is a very important revitaliser of cell energy metabolism. It supports a long lasting skin protection against premature ageing.

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