Light texture gel, specially formulated to instantly smooth various types of wrinkles (such as chronological, caused by the sun) and expression marks on the face, neck and chest.

With an easy extension and fast absorption base, it includes a powerful and innovating film-forming active ingredient which provides immediately noticeable, intense and long-lasting physical tightening effects. Also, it improves the wrinkle micro relief of the face and body.

In a single product and a single gesture of application, the skin becomes thin, smooth and supple.


All skin types and especially mature.


Apply particularly on areas with wrinkles (usually eye and lips contour and / or neck). Also suitable as a foundation previous to makeup. It is also recommended to minimize wrinkles on hands and / or other parts of the body.

Active Ingredients:

Freeze-dried of microalgae Prophydiridum cruentum: red algae capable to survive in the most extreme environmental conditions, it continuously produces a mucous substance that surrounds cells and it is responsible for the tightening effect. Studies reveal a reduction in the volume of wrinkles of up to 74% in one hour as well as redness. It also improves the microstructure of the skin.

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