Mousse mask, specially formulated to improve skin tone and invigorate its features.
Includes hydrating and moisturising agents which refresh the epidermis and help the recovery of its natural water balance, ensuring rejuvenated and comfortable skin.
Additionally, the stimulating effect of vitamins guarantees optimum skin radiance and vitality.
The unique texture of the product, both creamy and light, forms an ideal base for incorporating the active ingredients and giving the skin surface a smooth and pleasant finish, and a final touch of freshness and well-being.

For all skin types, especially dull, atonic and devitalised skin.

How to Use:
Apply a generous layer over the face, neck and upper chest. Leave it to work for 10 minutes. Remove with cotton wool moistened or soaked in lotion. Use once or twice a week.

Active ingredients:
Wetting agent: Ingredient which moisturises and promotes skin integrity. Improves the skin’s elasticity and strengthens its smooth and youthful appearance. Plays a restorable role, ensuring the preservation of natural skin conditions.
Glycerine: Moisturising substance that forms a protective layer on the epidermis.
Helps keep it soft and protected.
Caesalpinia spinosa extract: Forms a layer on the skin surface, with both a short and long-term moisturising effect. Immediately hydrates the stratum corneum for long-lasting results and controls peeling for the recovery of a healthy skin appearance.
Vitamin E: Multi-benefit vitamin with both a therapeutic and preventive effect. Mainly offers anti-oxidant activity and anti-free radicals. Combats dryness and wrinkles. Helps maintain the skin’s elasticity. Reduces skin reactivity.
Panthenol: Rejuvenating agent that helps restore skin’s natural barrier. Also promotes the hydration and moisturising of the epidermis.

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