Laboratorios Magriña S.L. is amongst the first private label manufacturers in Spain in launching a range of real ORGANIC/BIO products certified by the prestigious French organisation ECOCERT.

The new ORGANIC/BIO range, now available, includes formulas really attractive in terms of textures and efficiency:

1. Cleansing milk

2. Facial toner

3. Moisturising day cream

4. Nourishing night cream

5. Facial serum

6. Face mask

7. Exfoliating cream

8. Body emulsion

9. Sun emulsion spf 50

The whole ORGANIC/BIO range presented fulfils the following ECOCERT requirements:

– Minimum of 95% of the total ingredients are natural, or natural origin and there is a maximum of 5% of synthetic ingredients.

– Minimum of 95% of the total of plant ingredients are certified as organic.

– Minimum of 10% of the total ingredients are certified as organic.

Exclusion of some ingredients, such as synthetic perfumes, synthetic colorants, silicones, mineral oils, glycols, as well as great deal of preservatives (parabens, DMDM, phenoxyethanol, etc).

– The selected ingredients exclude certain chemical procedures in its production, allowing generally, physical methods.

– Follow specific rules for production: storing, manufacturing process, conditioning and packaging. They are aimed to guarantee the environmental respect.

Organic, natural or biological, the new categories for cosmetics, combine environment respect with product efficiency and will have an important place in upcoming years. We can certainly consider it as a real alternative to traditional cosmetics and not a temporary fashion. It has a lot of advantages for brand owners:

Greater credibility in products, improvement of social brand image, association to products with the highest quality. Furthermore, they can attract some potential clients attention, including those with allergies or hypersensitivity to synthetic ingredients. The market of organic or natural products is, doubtlessly, an emerging market, with growths of environ 30%.

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