Silky matifying creamgel, specially formulated to obtain an extremely smooth skin, without shine even in adverse environmental conditions, such as hot and humidity.  It has a long-lasting effect, which brings a really soft touch and even cutaneous relief. It has porous particles to allow a quick absorption of watery secretion and fat excess. It minimises sticky look of T zone without altering the correct cutaneous respiration. In addition, it enhances makeup fixing, which keeps its original qualities throughout the day, giving a smooth and even finish.

For all these reasons it is a product also intended for men, as matifying effect is a must.


Matifying microspheres:

Absorbent powder of spherical particles. It is very regular and forms a thin but not occlusive film on the skin: increases liquid and gaseous physiological exchanges through it. It provides a smooth and velvety touch to the skin and ensures a better retention of active ingredients on epidermis, which allows, therefore, a long lasting of their effect.

Cotton extract:

It is rich in carbohydrates and proteins, both responsible of a conditioning and emollient action which ensure a soft and comfortable skin.

Sebum regulator complex:

Complex of fermented lactic proteins rich in cysteine, methionine and vitamin B6. They contribute to create favorable conditions to obtain a metabolic balance of sebacic cells. It acts on sebaceous gland activity as well as on the quantity of secretion produced. Depending on the skin, it has stimulating or reducing effect: it reduces excess of secretion in oily skins and restores lipid flow in dry skins. In both cases, it has a recovering effect of cutaneous comfort and recovers natural cutaneous film.

Hamamelis extract:

It has astringent and decongestant effects; it combats excess of secretion as well as adding well-being and cool to the skin.

Moisturising sugars:

They form a protective film which prevents from skin dehydration. Moisturising effects are either immediate or of long term. They bring softness and well-being.


Apply creamgel in the morning, after day cream, specially in nose, forehead and chin. More applications on skin or makeup can be done if necessary, especially on hot or humid days.

Indications for use:

All kind of skins with shine in T zone, as well as oily skins, young skins, with lipid secretion excess. Also for men skins.


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