Following the last trends in sun protectors textures, this light fluid sunscreen melts in the skin to obtain a highly effective protective action and imperceptible at the same time. Made of silicones, its innovative texture is fresh and pleasant as well as having an easy extension and rapid absorption. This fluid is fixed on the epidermis and leaves on it a thin invisible film forming a second skin that guarantees an adequate protection against solar exposure and its undesirable effects.

As well as having excellent cosmetological properties (comfortable, not sticky, not white effect) it also has a soft-focus effect, which reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It is also an ideal daily use product that allows safe exposure to sun radiation in daily activity (such as urban and sports) without its harmful effects.

Directions for use:

Everyday use for sensitive and reactive skins. Also for children and very light skins.


Shake well before using. Apply on dry skin (face, neck and chest), ensuring proper extension and absorption. It can also be used daily throughout the year. Avoid contact with eyes.

The basic recommendations of any solar product should be considered, such as: avoid excessive sun exposure or peak hours, repeat the application of the product.

Active ingredients:

Humectant agent: moisturizer agent which prevents the horny layer of the skin from drying. It is emollient, protective, contributing to the softness of the epidermis.

Softening agents: oily ingredients that facilitate the extension of the product, ensuring the correct distribution of sunscreens as well as the skin softening.

Sunscreens (mostly physical): substances that absorb or reflect solar radiation to avoid harmful effects on the skin.

Matting Microspheres: sebum absorber, excellent lubricity and softness as well as bringing a soft-focus effect (reducing the appearance of wrinkles and expression marks)

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