Exfoliating and soap-free aqueous Gel, it includes a high concentration of glycerin. Specially conceived for the maintenance of youth and soft hands. With immediate effect, it ensures thorough cleaning of hands, with a decaling action and a powerful pull of impurities retained on the skin (sweating, pollution, dead skin cells …). It promotes pore refinement as well as skin uniformity both in texture and tone. It leaves the skin smooth and soft, in optimal condition to receive subsequent treatments which improve their efficiency, due to a better absorption. It ensures optimal skin breathing, which improves its tone and vitality.


All kind of skins. Specially indicated after activities involving contact with chemical or physical adhesive elements such as paint or grease.


Apply the product on dried hands. Massage generously insisting in folds, back of hand and nail contours. Rinse with water.

Active Ingredients:

Glycerin: humectant principle that forms a protective film on the skin, exerting a smoothing action

Polyethylene: exfoliating particles for a deep cleaning of the skin. Ensure removal of skin impurities and proper renewal of the epidermis.

Macadamia nut oil: emollient and softening, it is rich in palmitoleic acid that helps maintain skin functionality

Avocado Oil: Overfatting agent with great power of penetration. It is emollient, protective, softening and moisturizing. It prevents against scaling and skin tightness. It promotes skin cell renewal and improves its elastic properties.

Jojoba oil: good lubricant which leaves a protective film on the skin to prevent dehydration.

Vitamin E: Antioxidant vitamin. It protects cells from the harmful effects of free radicals, which cause premature ageing. It also has a moisturising action and recovers skin elasticity. It empowers natural defence of the skin. It helps the recovering of skin natural moisturising factor.

Apple extract: it has soothing, dermopurifying and refreshing properties. The presence of malic acid gives an exfoliating effect, soothing, firming and moisturizing. It prevents from skin aging and loss of elasticity.

Lemon Extract: With tonic, dermopurifying and moisturising properties it has a cooling effect on the skin, helping pore closeing. It is firming and smoothing.

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