Creamy base. A new cosmetic product concept with an intelligent epigenetic active substance designed to reactivate the skin’s youthfulness. Its action is based on improving the mechanisms that are responsible for providing good skin quality. These mechanisms that are affected by the environment and by our lifestyle. In this way, the cream activates the genes that take part in skin rejuvenation, promoting the synthesis of collagen and other elastic fibres, inactivating age-accelerating enzymes and improving all the essential parameters that guarantee good skin quality. After use, skin looks younger and more balanced, with better elasticity and a finer and more even texture.

Apply with a gentle massage once or twice a day to the face, neck and area immediately below the neck until it is totally absorbed.

All skin types, particularly the most mature ones and, generally speaking, any that may be subjected to the most extreme environmental conditions, even young skins.

Active substances
Epigenomil®: obtained from calendula flowers, is an intelligent active substance that rebalances the epigenetic mechanisms (external factors that impact our skin genes) that take place in our skin with an anti-ageing effect.
Shea butter: natural extract of Shea nut, with lubricant, emollient and protective properties. It fights dry skin and exercises a smoothing action on it, making it feel more comfortable.
Vitamin E: multi-benefit vitamin with a treating and preventive effect. It has mainly anti-oxidant and anti-free radical effects. It fights dryness and wrinkles. It helps to maintain the skin’s elasticity. It attenuates skin reactivity.
Allantoin: an agent that promotes cell renewal, particularly of altered skin or skin damaged by external factors (sun, cold, wind, etc.)
Glycerine: a moisturising substance that forms a protective film on the epidermis and has a smoothing action.
Rice oil: obtained from rice bran, it is rich in antioxidants, particularly oryzanol, fatty acids and vitamins A and E. It is highly effective in defending against the harmful action of free radicals, and consequently in the fight against premature ageing. It promotes collagen formation. It acts as a skin lubricant and emollient agent that is minimally greasy and rapidly absorbed.
Soothing polysaccharide: biotechnologically obtained from vegetable substrates, it behaves as a desensitising agent that fights skin reactivity, thus guaranteeing a balanced and comfortable skin.

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