Brand new silicone formula, presented in transparent gel. It is easy to apply on skin as manual application runs more smoothly. It ensures, therefore, an homogeneous application of the product on intended cutaneous surface. It also enhances the cosmetic performance and reduces traditional self tanning drawbacks, such as irregular coloration and intense dehydration.

It includes a golden pigment with similar tone as the skin, which gives to it a natural and luminous look. It assures skin supple maintenance as well as a light and smooth touch.


All kind of skins

 Directions for use:

Spread the product on perfectly cleaned skin. It can be used on face and neck as well as on any part of body, such as bosom, legs. Avoid direct contact with eyes on application, and make a soft massage on eye and lip contour as well as on separation line of between scalp and forehead. Clean your hands immediately using soap and water. It does not include sun filter.

Active ingredients:

 Self tanning agent (DHA): It naturally reacts with proteins of the external cutaneous layer, and gives a temporal dun colour.

 Humectant actives: They are glycolic substances, emollient, with hygroscopic properties and protective. They also prevent cutaneous layer from drying.

 Erythrulose: it is a natural sugar that reacts with amino acids of cutaneous keratin. It gives, as a result, in combination with DHA, an even, natural and dark tan.

 Orangey pigment: It has an imitative tone of the skin, it gives luminosity and empowers a touch of golden on skin tan.


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