Fluid gel with a light, fresh texture, specially designed for the targeted spot treatment of skin impurities.
Contains a plant-derived ingredient that synergises the properties of its component molecules (amino acids, trace elements and vitamins) to produce a powerful dermopurifying effect and reduce oil secretion. Clears pores and decreases redness in susceptible areas to improve the look and feel of skin. 
Helps maintain proper hygiene in the areas of the face most susceptible to impurities.

For young, mature, oily or combination skin that is prone to imperfections. May be used both for the prevention and treatment of impurities in susceptible areas. Particularly useful for the T-zone.

How to Use:
Clean skin thoroughly. Apply 1-2 times daily by gently massaging on the face and neck until completely absorbed.

Active Ingredients:

Iris florentina complex: Synergy of three active ingredients: iris florentina extract, zinc salt and vitamin A. Attends to the specific needs of skin that is oily and/or prone to impurities with a dermopurifying effect. The complex clears and minimises pores, reduces sebum production (by inhibiting lipid synthesis) and stimulates cell regeneration.
Potassium glycyrrhizinate: Clearing and soothing action. Combats redness and helps improve the feel of skin. 
Glycerin: With a moisturising and firming effect, helps keep skin smooth and hydrated. 
Panthenol: Also called pro-vitamin B5. Rejuvenating agent that helps restore skin’s natural barrier. Highly emollient, it also promotes the hydration and moisturising of the epidermis.

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