Multiaction hydro-nourishing emulsion conceived to optimise cutaneous vitality and texture. Acting globally as antiaging, it includes the top 6 effects to prevent it:

1-    Reduce wrinkles

2-    Nourishing moisture.

3-    Unifying tone.

4-    Ensures cell renovation by a soft exfoliation.

5-    Firming

6-    Restoring comfort by a decongestive effect.


Once or twice daily application, in soft massage on face and neck until total absorption.


All kind of skins.

Active ingredients:

Barley malt extract: Poliphenole concentrate with a powerful antioxidant and antiageing effect. It stabilises collagen and elastin,  nourishes, photoprotects and depigments.

Liquorice extract: Decongestive agent, it protects by stimulating skin defence.

Glycerine: Humectant agent. It has moisturizing and emollient properties, softening the skin and forming a protective film.

Silicon derivative: it improves skin’s mechanisms of defence against external aggressions and ageing. It moistures and promotes skin integrity, improves elasticity and strengths as young and smooth aspect. It repairs, ensuring the preservation of normal skin conditions.

Sorbitol: Skin’s humidity stabiliser, it contributes to provide a correct moisturise. It also has an emollient action, which softens the epidermis.

Alantoin: It improves natural mechanisms of skin renovation as well as recovering against external aggressions. It is emollient and softening.


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