Although it is rich in nourishing, emollient and softening ingredients, this cream has a fresh and light touch. It helps the correct skin moisture as well as recovering its luminosity. It minimises the looseness of cutaneous tissue and enhances aspect homogeneity. It visibly reduces the double chin and reshapes the facial contour and is specially developed to reduce the unpleasant odour, coming from fatty acids decomposition, of this kind of skins.

For skins over 60 years old.

Directions for use:
Apply it generously on face and neck under soft penetrating massage.

Active ingredients:
Trehalosa: Existing in a wide variety of plants, this natural sugar is aimed to protect living organisms from hostile environmental conditions. It retains skin’s moisture, preventing from dehydration. It can suppress the formation of volatile aldehydes caused by the breakdown of fatty acids. While this property may be used to increase the shelf-life of some oil based products, it can also be used to suppress body odours – specifically those associated with the elderly.
Glaucine complex: It stimulates lipolysis process and prevents from adipocytes formation, regulating calcium flow. It visibly reduces the double chin and reshapes the facial contour.
Strengthening complex: Fortifying and restructuring thin and fragile skins for the 60+. It is a complementary source of calcium and essential amino acids and is especially designed to reboost cell metabolism and protein synthesis, rebalance ion flow and recreate calcium gradient in order to regulate the barrier homeostasis and the epidermal differentiation.
Relipidant agent: A truly exceptional emollient which displays a high affinity to the skin and is capable of imitating many of the functions carried out by the skin’s natural lipids. It is capable to penetrate the corneous layer, to play an integral role in improving the skin’s barrier function. It imparts skin conditioning, repairs, protects and moisturises dried and aged skins.
Rose fruit extract: with astringent effect, it is indicated for the pore closing of the skin.

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