Pleasant and light creamy emulsion, it regulates sebum secretion and absorbs its excess. With astringent effects, it shrinks pore diameter to prevent bacterial attacks. It has a dermopurifying effect, reducing cutaneous impurities and preventing from bacteria proliferation.

Formulated with easy extensible oils, with dry touch, it ensures the right emolience of cutaneous tissue, staying on the skin without any sticky feeling as well as bringing a fresh touch.


Oily and combination skins with impurities and acne tendency.

Directions for use:

Once or twice daily application, on perfectly clean skin, under soft massage until total absorption.

Active ingredients:

Plant-based sebum regulator complex: The substance extracted from burnet, ginger and cinnamon reduces skin oiliness by removing excess sebum. It shrinks poor diameters to prevent bacterial attacks, ensuring optimal skin hygiene as well as improving skin breathing. It minimises congestion caused by fatty acids excess in the skin.

Alpha glucan oligosaccharide complex: A prebiotic active obtained from natural sugars (sucrose and maltose) aimed to protect and reinforce the natural defences of the skin as well as preventing from bacteria proliferation.

Grapefruit seed extract: Sebo-regulating, it reduces cutaneous impurities and prevents from irritation.

Matifying microspheres: Synthetic polymer that brings an extremely soft touch on epidermis. It absorbs stickiness excess of the skin and leaves a smooth and matt finish.

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