New intensive protection cream, aimed to mature skins (+45 y.o.), which contains innovating active ingredients conceived to rejuvenate the skin from inside.
It is based in the latest researches regarding the recently discovered family of proteins called SIRUTINS or “ageing switch”. The product works, basically at six levels:

1- Cutaneous sirutins activation to decrease cell senescence.
2- Cellular nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) protection, whose integrity is essential for cells renovation process and thus, for longevity of the skin.
3- Powerful antioxidant protection against free radical production to provide cutaneous longevity and elasticity.
4- Provides OPF (Ozone Protection Factor) which affects to skin’s vitality and wellbeing.
5- It enhances cutaneous consumption of oxygen and thus, stimulates its metabolism and helps the cells to adapt to thermal stress.
6- As a cutaneous lipidic maintenance agent.

The new product prevents from environmental effects on skin, ensures the integrity of its protection structures and reduces cutaneous cells degeneration. The skin improves, therefore, its quality and longevity, showing a younger aspect.

Active ingredients:
Rice derivative
: Anti-aging active ingredient resulting from the latest research in the area of longevity, calorie restriction and Sirtuins activation. Sirtuins are DNA-dependent enzymes involved in a cell survival mechanism, which give cells extra time to auto-repair, and thus postpone senescence.
Rhodiola Extract: Also known as Arctic root, It enhances cutaneous consumption of oxygen. It has been categorised as “adaptogen” due to its ability to increase resistance to a variety of chemical, physical and biological stressors. It has antioxidant and protective properties against environmental aggressions and thus, it improves skin’s capacity to adapt to it, as well as reducing visible age signs
Yeast ferment: It is effective at protecting fragile cellular nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) and skins lipids, critical for proper functioning of the skin’s lipid structure, from the detrimental effects of ozone. In addition it is anti-oxidant against free-radicals. It constitutes a new concept of skin protection called Ozone Protection Factor (OPF).
Myrtle extract: Rich in oligogalacturonans, it slows the expression of the senescence factors down and increases the lifetime of cells. A genuine cell regenerator and guardian of tissue longevity, it limits the degeneration of skin tissues and erases the first signs of ageing.

Mature and/or fragile skins, specially from 45 years old.

Directions for use:
Once or twice daily application under massage in face and neck, until total absorption.


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