Emulsion for intensive and immediate treatment for damaged hands. It forms an invisible film on the skin to protect from daily aggressions and promotes the immediate hydration and nourish recovery. Formulated specifically for hands suffering from adverse conditions such as extreme temperatures, aggressive substances. It is based on  “Norwegian formula” concept, conceived to improve hand conditions for Norwegian fishermen. Its high glycerine concentration presents a powerful TOWL recovery effect as well as bringing flexibility.

All kind of skins

Once or twice daily application on soft massage until total absorption.

Active Ingredients:

Glycerin (30%): humectant agent that forms a protective film on the skin, exerting a smoothing action
Shea butter: It has nourishing, emollient and protective properties for delicate skin. It contains a large amount of lipids that forms a natural protective layer on the skin. It provides elasticity and softens the skin. It has also a natural sun filter and helps the prevention of sun erythemas.
Vitamin E: a vitamin that offers the skin multiple benefits with both treatment and preventive effects. It mainly provides an antioxidant and anti-free-radical effect. Combats dryness and wrinkles. Helps to maintain skin elasticity. Alleviates skin reactivity.

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