Solution in spray for the daily cleansing of face and particularly on eye/lip contour. Its action is based on a technology ultra-mild, forming micelles, which are structures able to emulsify any kind of fat present on skin.

The great cutaneous affinity of the phospholipids (which are part of micelles), ensures a correct cleansing and makeup removal without irritating effects. Besides, it leaves on the epidermis a protector residual film which prevents from dehydration, increases freshness and restores wellness.

Its composition, which fulfils the natural products requirements, has a physiological PH and excellent skin tolerance. The specific calming ingredients contained gives a decongesting and softening effect, perfect for daily hygiene with great respect for cutaneous balance.

Active ingredients:
Cotton extract: Rich in carbohydrates and proteins, both responsible of a conditioning and emollient action which ensure a soft and comfortable skin.
Liquorice extract: it is a cutaneous protector, with decongestive properties, which works by stimulation skin defences.

Extend on face with a soft cotton, insisting mildly on eye/lip contour. Repeat the operation if necessary. No rinse is required. Leave it dry or use a wipe.

It can be used as a product for hygiene or as alternative of cleanser toner for all kind of skins. Specially indicated for sensitive, fragile and reactive skins, for eye/lip contour in particular. It is also recommended for neck and bosom.

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