Colored emulsion with exceptional texture that acts as a light foundation for makeup and also as a multi-benefit treatment: the same product is able to cover, treat and protect the skin. It belongs to the BB (Blemish Balm) Cream new concept of cosmetics formulation, with origin in Germany and with recent great success in Asia, becoming a strong tendency for daily use foundations.

It presents a more luminous and corrective effect which ensures a smoother and more even skin. With long-lasting hydration, it supple and softens the skin. In addition, it includes a SPF30 protector against sun radiation.


Apply it in the morning directly on the skin, before makeup or after applying moisturising cream.


All kind of skins.

Active ingredients:

Poria cocos extract: It is a multi-functional active ingredient, rich in polysaccharides, which increases skin thickness, radiance and microcirculation, and it also reduces the aged skins wrinkles. It increases the amount of collagen on the skin, ensuring the stability and cohesion of the skin layers.

Caesalpinia spinosa extract: Innovative natural moisturizer, which captures and retains water and assimilates it into the skin, immediately and long lastingly, due to a technologically advanced multicapillary injection process.

Sunscreens: substances that absorb or reflect solar radiation to avoid harmful effects on the skin.

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